LemonGrassMower [Paperbag Series]

LemonGrassMower – Wit beer with lemongrass, coriander and sweet orange peel. A colab brew with Just Eight Lives ROBObrewery *

When the sun during summer graces us with its occasional presence, the lawn is usually too wet to enter without rubber boots. Then there is nothing else to do but sitting down with a self-running LemonGrassMower. This beer is so light and refreshing that the grass is close to mowing itself. Just enough lemongrass, coriander and orange peel to make it really quaffable, but not enough to scare the cat away.

This is our first beer in a series a little out of the ordinary. The main character is Bjørnafjorden’s own infamous, misanthropic and egoistic Paperbag Boy. Do not expect a lot of open-mindedness from this skinny fellow. However, he is our most valuable employee because of his vast network that lets us collaborate with a variety of the galaxy’s most prolific and creative breweries*
(* Non-Existent)

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