Hoppiness Gone Sour [Paperbag Series]

Hoppiness gone Sour – Kettle soured IPA. A collab brew with BiPolarBeer Brewery *

Like the Romans salted the earth around Carthage and thereby ruined fertile land and in the process, at least symbolically, finally did their enemies in, we have soured an otherwise regular IPA and thereby ruined a lot of people’s notion of what an IPA should be.
Every now and then Bjørnafjorden’s Paperbag Boy comes out of the closet where he usually hides from the other employees and from himself. Since he is the bitter and untrustworthy boy he is, he couldn’t possibly let this perfect regular IPA be. So know this, dear drinker: The unmentionable things done to this beer must be blamed upon the Paperbag Boy and his fellow cohorts at BiPolarBeer Brewery*

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